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Peace Garden

The Good Shepherd Peace Garden follows the Christian tradition of interring the remains of members and their families near the church where they had faithfully served and worshipped. Our Garden is a place for peaceful meditation and prayer, designed to encourage quiet reflection and thanksgiving for the promise of eternal life.

The Peace Garden includes an area for interring the cremated remains of congregation members and their families in dedicated in-ground spaces (up to two interments per space) with a bronze remembrance plaque for each individual interred. A religious service will be held at each interment.

There is also a separate Memorial Wall to memorialize congregation members and deceased members of their families.

The Peace Garden takes advantage of the wooded area to the southwest of the Church building. It is a serene space large enough for gatherings or services; and built with durable, long-lasting materials. Good Shepherd considers the maintenance and care of the Peace Garden to be as important as that of the church building itself.

Who is Eligible?

Interment Spaces: Members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and their families are eligible to purchase an interment space, which may be used for up to two people.

Memorial Wall: A bronze plaque with an inscription to be placed on the Memorial Wall may be purchased by members of Good Shepherd Church or their families to honor deceased loved ones.

Our Peace Garden is an expression of Christian faith, hope and love. Beyond purchasing interment spaces and Memorial Wall plaques, additional financial contributions for the Peace Garden are always welcome.

Interment Garden pricing

Includes 6” x 3” bronze plaque and interment service for each individual.

Total cost for 1 Interment - $2,700

Total Cost for 2 Interments in same space - $3,100

(Full payment required in advance of interment)

Monthly Payment Plan for Interment Space

Total cost for 1 Interment - $3,100

Total Cost for 2 Interments in same space - $3,500

Initial down payment minimum - $300

Minimum payment per month - $50

Maximum 48 months, or until balance paid.

(Full payment required in advance of interment)

See church office for more details.

Memorial Wall Plaque Pricing

Memorialize a loved one, regardless of where they are interred.

Bronze plaque (10” x 6”) - $500

Including installation of plaque

(Full payment required with order)

*The purchase of interment spaces and of Memorial Wall plaques are separate transactions – the purchase of an interment space does not include a Memorial Wall plaque.